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Direct Access for Physical Therapy


Virginia law gives you the right to obtain physical therapy services for a 60-day period without requiring a prescription from a physician. This can allow for timely care, often allowing treatment while awaiting a potential appointment with your physician.

Any treatment needed to go beyond the 60 days would require a prescription. We would be in communication with your physician at that time.

Our therapists can effectively evaluate and treat Musculoskeletal conditions, disorders and disabilities related to your pain and movement problem. They are also educated in patient conditions that would require referral to a more appropriate health care provider.

When you arrive for treatment, you will be asked to complete a “Direct Access Patient Testation form” Which you will indicate whether you have been seen by a physician for this problem. If you have been seen by a physician, we would need a prescription from them.

Is your “ Sports Physical Therapist” a champion?


The action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.


Excellence Through Personal Attention

Physical Restoration and Sports medicine, in Sterling Virginia, specializes in therapy for orthopedic and sports related injuries. With a long history of treating local athletes and patients experiencing a diversity of orthopedic injuries from low back and neck pain, to shoulder and knee pain. From the Temporomandibular joint to the foot and ankle, our licensed therapists have more than 30 years experience in getting you better, getting you back, to your life.

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere to optimize your healing and recovery. Through prompt and appropriate treatment using hand on care as well as state of the art technology, we can contribute to a faster and more full return to work, daily activities, hobbies, sports, generally…physical living

We accept most insurance including Medicare and Workers Compensation

Looking for the right direction for your injury or orthopedic problem?


The act of bringing back something that existed before, a restoring to an unimpaired or improved condition.

Physical Restoration uses the knowledge and insight as licensed therapists to minimize or remove the compensatory responses of the body to daily activity. Often, this inherent compensatory activity gets in the way of full function and/ or recovery of the body to stress and injury.

We treat a wide range of injuries and ailments, from ankle sprains and lumbar pain to shoulder and rotator cuff injuries and post surgical rehabilitation. With a long history of education, training, and research

We seek to minimize the time from, providing an optimal state for recovery.  This means “getting you back, getting you better.” For an injured athlete, it is ensuring a thorough, safe, and quick recovery. For the non-athlete, it means a quicker, thorough recovery, minimizing the debilitation. It is about “finding” your place and being on the journey to regain it.

Personalized Care & Education

Our highly trained staff treats every patient as if he or she is a family member or personal friend. We realize that as a consumer, you have a choice as to where you receive your rehabilitation care. We would be grateful for the opportunity to assist in your recovery.


After initial training and certification as an athletic trainer, involving 5 years in minor league baseball, Marc graduated in 1987 from the Temple University physical therapy program. He has been practicing in Sterling since 1990 and involving himself in the local high school athletic programs.

While his recent research has followed a focus on the injured throwing arm, he treats not only a wide range of competitive and recreational athletes, but has restored the function of countless spine, lower extremity and jaw injuries. He takes an integrated approach, appreciating the “inter connectedness of the human body and its demands for mobility, function, and movement utilizing neuromuscular reeducation and strengthening to restore lost normal function.

Marc lives in Ashburn Farm with his wife and dog Macy while his two children pursue their post collegiate careers.

Contact Info

Find Physical Restoration & Sports MedicineOn Twitter Find Physical Restoration & Sports MedicineOn Facebook 21240 Ridgetop Circle
Suite 115
Sterling, VA 20166

Phone: 703-444-8210
Fax: 703-444-8213

Coverage Area

Herndon, Ashburn, Reston, Potomac Falls, Broadlands, and Leesburg

We Offer:

  • Evaluation within 24-48 hours
  • Flexible scheduling allowing care before or after work
  • Personalized care with treatment tailored for you
  • Only licensed physical therapists providing care
  • Friendly and open environment
  • Convenient to Cascades, Sterling and Route 7

Please contact our office (703) 444-8210 with any questions regarding therapy services, insurance plan participation or to schedule an appointment.

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